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by Nate Fineberg
May 1, 2013

01/13/2014 | Winter Grilling Tips

Dress the part be warm, but no scarf’s or dangling tassels.

Correct grill placement…

  • shield it from the wind
  • 10 feet from any surface the heat may damage
  • never in a closed porch, garage or under an overhang without the proper ventilation
  • make sure the burners are clean and not blocked, you want a blue flame not yellow
  • plan ahead – preheat the grill longer than in the summer, cooking times may be a little longer so use a thermometer
  • keep the lid closed

11/01/2013 | Propane Safety

Transport your propane tank or cylinder properly. Do not place vertical containers in a horizontal position, and vice-versa. This can cause problems with the valves and their delivery system components.

05/23/2013 | An Award for Judy T

Judy Taranovich, President at Proctor Gas Inc was recently presented with an award for 25 years of continuous membership and service to the New England Hearth Patio & Barbecue Association. Judy took a moment to remember the commitment that her husband Jimmy T had made to all things propane. Jim was a leading figure both regionally and nationally always forging the way for the Propane Gas Industry. His unrelenting leadership to the industry for promotion of safe handling of Propane is acknowledged across the industry. We know Jim is looking down and proud of the legacy he left behind at Proctor Gas.

05/01/2013 | Mrs. Tom Has Lost Her Marbles…

Mrs. Tom has lost her marbles and is slashing the prices on her classic pellet stoves by Quadrafire. Mrs. Tom admits to maybe making a siffernin error when ordering those stoves this year and plum just ordered too many. Not so good for Mrs. Tom great for you folks that procrastinated on getting a new pellet stove this winter. Well Mrs. Tom says “gettem while their hot, travel yonder over to Proctor and add affordable warmth and a cozy new stove by Quadrafire to your home. Don’t do no more dilly dallying cause you won’t get one.

Once you get to the showroom at Proctor Gas the propane people there will be lots more to see. Outdoor living spaces today can add just as much to a home’s overall comfort and resale value as its indoor features. No longer just a deck and a floodlight, a comfortable and fully functional outdoor entertainment area can include an array of kitchen appliances, pools and spas, sophisticated lighting, radiant heat, and more. All fueled by environmentally safe-clean propane gas and available right here at Proctor Gas.

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