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A propane refrigerators can offer an efficient way of cooling food when you’re living off the grid

Our Unique Off-Grid Refrigerators and Freezers are certified, run on propane, and come in a variety of sizes and styles. At Proctor Gas, we sell, install & service the best products on the market!
No Electricity? You can still enjoy a quality refrigerator and freezer!
Propane can do that™
Unique Off-Grid refrigerators and freezers are certified, run on propane gas, and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from a propane chest freezer, mini fridges, full-sized propane refrigerator, and other food storage solutions. When you purchase from Proctor Gas and have our expert team transport and install your new refrigerator or freezer, you can be confident that the appliance is leveled, has adequate airflow around it, and that it has proper gas pressure. Browse our Unique Off-Grid appliances now!


Make your kitchen standout with a certified propane refrigerator

Perfect for tiny and off grid homes where electricity is not reliable or available, and also for those who choose to opt for other options for powering their appliances.
The propane fridge is a great choice as it does not require electricity and can be a great asset in vacation spots, camping and other places where electricity is unavailable. A propane refrigerator can also be very handy in places that are struck by natural calamities and have to remain without any electricity for a very long time.


Stylish & functional freezer for off grid living

CSA certified propane freezers that are perfect for off-grid living, camping, and tiny homes.
Living off grid could mean you go long periods between provisioning food supplies. A propane freezer can help to increase the shelf life or expiration date of your food. A dedicated upright propane freezer will allow you to store large quantities of meat or other foods and reduce any waste. Freeze and store for long-term periods with peace of mind that an electric outage will not spoil your meat or foods.
Propane Freezers

Delivery & Installation Services

We sell, deliver & install propane Refrigerators & Freezers

We’re not only selling, we also deliver and install your appliances, tanks and gas lines.
When you purchase from Proctor Gas, we’ll have our expert team transport and install your new propane refrigerator or freezer. You can be confident that the appliance is leveled, has adequate airflow around it, and that it has proper gas pressure.

Are you ready to make a switch? We offer the best services possible!

We offer affordable, flexible & convenient residential solutions
Proctor Gas residential programs help to keep your monthly propane bills steady, regardless of how much you’re relying on the fuel. Also we give you the flexibility to buy propane when it’s most affordable. Additionally, you can enjoy convenient online pay options.
Residential programs & services
We offer contractor a better saving to the projects you’re working on
Proctor Gas isn’t just the answer to the propane needs of existing residential properties – we also work with contractors! If you’re a qualified contractor that working on a new project, you can find utility, state, and federal rebates for energy-saving Rinnai gas appliances.
Contractor programs & services
We're backed by expert, certified & experienced technicians
Here at Proctor Gas, we make customer safety and satisfaction as our #1 priority on each and every service call. Whether you’re in need of installation, delivery, routine maintenance, or emergency service, the team at Proctor Gas will be ready to serve and take good care of you.
Equipment installation & service

Enjoy propane versatility for other home appliances

Propane is extremely versatile, if your looking to equip your home with propane, we have an extensive range of options available for you.