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Efficiently heat your home with furnace heater installation from Proctor Gas.

Looking for an efficient way to heat your home without being reliant on electricity?
You don't need an electric furnace to stay comfortable at home. We carry some of the best direct vent and whole house heating systems in the industry. With features like energy-saving mode, safety sensors, safety locks and many more, you won't have to worry about energy efficiency. Plus, you’re sure to love these quiet and reliable systems. Whether you prefer ductless or direct vent, we have what you’re looking for! Let us know if you have any questions as you shop! When you're ready to upgrade your heating system, count on our experienced team for furnace heater installation.

High efficiency furnace heater installation

Efficiently heating your home, with whole house units 

Make every room in your home warm and comfortable with furnace and boiler installation services.
Proctor gas can help with your home heating soluitions throught the installation of furnaces for heat or boilers for heat and hot water applications. We also provide furnace and boiler maintenance to keep your system up and running.

Direct Vent System

Consistently heat where and what you need

When you need to heat a single room or specific area, our HVAC contractors can install Direct Vent Heaters to suit your needs.
Direct vent heaters are essentially propane-fired combustion appliances that use outdoor air to create heat. Any fumes produced by combustion are vented directly outside your home via a small pipe through an exterior wall. Direct vent heaters are permanently attached to the structure of a building, and are not connected to ductwork.

Why propane furnace heater installation is better in so many ways

When it comes to your home, you want to make sure it’s a safe, comfortable place for your family and a warm, inviting space for your friends. One budget-friendly option that will improve your family’s comfort and quality of life is converting to propane from electricity.
More efficient
Propane heaters are warmer and heats up in shorter intervals, it can warm up your home without making your bills go through the roof.
Cheaper to operate
Propane is an affordable alternative to electric. Heating your home with propane rather than electricity can save you 30% a year.
Longer lifespan
Propane heaters ensure years of reliable service. They can last up to three times as long as electric systems.
It’s versatile
Propane heaters have many uses. Propane is the most versatile, transportable and reliable energy source today.
Safer for your family
Propane is an entirely non-toxic gas, which means that homeowners with small children and pets will feel much safer using a propane heater.
Better for the environment
Propane has long been recognized as the green energy. By using propane a heater, homeowners can help cut emissions and protect the environment.

installation & service

Enjoy stress-free furnace heater installation, maintenance, and service

There’s no installation or service issue we can’t tackle – you can count on us!
We have over 100 years of combined industry experience and know what it takes to keep you and your family safe, comfortable, and enjoying this economical, clean-burning energy source. With Proctor Gas, powering your home with propane has never been easier or more advantageous!

Residential Programs & services

Affordable, flexible & convenient Residential Programs & Services

With our programs, enjoy stress free reliable propane service.
Proctor Gas residential programs help to keep your monthly propane bills steady, regardless of how much you’re relying on the fuel. Also we give you the flexibility to buy propane when it’s most affordable. Additionally, you can enjoy convenient online pay options.

Contractor Programs & Services

Find valuable rebates through furnace heater installation & service

If you’re a contractor working on a new project, incentives for propane appliances are available if you’re qualified.
Did you know you could qualify for incentives to offset the purchase costs of new propane appliances for your project? Feel free to contact us and discover how much more you can save.

Enjoy propane versatility for other home appliances

Propane is extremely versatile, if your looking to equip your home with propane, we have an extensive range of options available for you.