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The team here at Proctor Gas has been passionately serving those in Addison, Rutland, Bennington, Windsor, and Windham counties for nearly 5 decades. Here’s a little bit about the people that make our company what it is:

Jimmy Taranovich

The company wouldn’t be what it is today without Jimmy Taranovich. Jimmy took the business over from his parents in 1988 and made a lot of positive changes. It was his vision that kept Proctor Gas growing and led the company to expand to include hearth, fireplace, grill, and outdoor living sales.

Judy Taranovich – President/Owner

Judy took over the business with Jimmy in 1988, and started out in collections. In 1994, Judy came up with the idea for a gift side of the hearth shop (Vermont Hearth & Home), and was heavily involved in that portion of the business. Since Jimmy’s passing, Judy is involved in every aspect of the company, and with the help of a very capable and supportive staff, she continues Jimmy’s vision of maintaining a first-class, customer-oriented business.

Lisa Shaddock – Operations Manager

A native Vermonter, Lisa lives in Mendon with her husband, Chris, youngest son Blair and dog Comet. She loves having her son, Lema, daughter in law Ashley, grandson Gabe and her parents living nearby. Being family oriented made the decision to come to Proctor Gas a small family owned and operated company “with roots in the area” a natural fit.

Lisa brings with her 33 years experience working for a local family owned trucking company, she was involved in all aspects of the business, A/P, A/R, payroll and taxes, human resources, administered employee benefits, helped write and implemented company policies, handled compliance for MSHA, DOT and was involved in contract negotiations.

Lisa Shaddock came to work for us in December as operation’s Manager. We are so pleased to have her and the experience she brings to the team!

Walt Piontek – Service Manager

Walt started out at Proctor Gas in service and bulk truck deliveries back in 1989. Today, Walt is our service manager, and is in charge of driver and service technician dispatch. Walt’s also the one who handles all of our propane purchases.

Shannon Gibbs – CETP Certified Installation Technician

After begging Jimmy to hire him several times, Shannon joined the team in 1990 as the youngest team member. Although he was so young he had to have a special insurance waiver, Shannon has turned into an invaluable technician and employee. He can work any aspect of the business, but really shines as our resident hearth product installation expert!

Greg Clark – CETP Certified Installation Technician

Greg faced a long commute at his former job and was looking to get closer to home so he came to work for Proctor Gas. Their loss was truly our gain as Greg is an excellent technician with a good work ethic. Don’t let his quiet manner fool you, he’s there to do a job and do it well!

Josh Taranovich – CETP Certified Installation Technician

Josh is Jimmy’s son and has been bringing his father’s quick wit, winning smile, and desire to work hard and keep the customer happy to the team of Proctor Gas since 2009. Josh has helped the family business on and off for the last several years in between school and athletics, and is our youngest employee to date. His passion for customer satisfaction makes him an excellent service team member, and we hope he will follow in his father’s footsteps and become the new face of Proctor Gas someday. Keep an eye on him – we all do!


Eric Palmer – Delivery Driver

Eric is one of our dedicated bulk truck drivers and has been with us since the fall of 2005. He spends a lot of his time out on the road with a propane tank following him so that our customers always have what they need!

Ron Fredette – Delivery Driver

I broke my own rule hiring Ron!! No friends of family members hired. A few months ago we were in need of a driver and Ron was looking for a change. His step mother Emily has worked here for a long time!! Well I pulled the trigger and hired him anyway and have never looked back – what a great decision. Ron is a good guy, hard worker and we are thrilled to have him as part of the PGI family. He’s pretty funny too!!

Michele Eugair – CSR/Office Staff

Michele came to us from the restaurant industry and has fit in so well it’s like she has been here forever. She brings so much positive energy to this place it’s a pleasure to have her around. Michele lives in town with her family, right down the road as a matter of fact, -so no excuse she can’t get to work on a snowy day – not that she would!! If you get Michele on the phone, you’re in good hands.

Donna Haynes – Office Staff

Donna came to us in 2002 after leaving her own dry cleaning business. Although she didn’t yet have any experience in the gas business, Jimmy knew “There was just something about her”. He felt that she would be a great employee and he was right! Donna has become a very important part of our office support staff and a PGI crew favorite. Not a birthday passes without a cake from Donna!

Emily Fredette – Office Staff

We love Em – our customers love Em – everyone loves Em! We were so happy when Em decided to join our PGI family back in 2005! She has been in the fuel industry for almost 30 years, and is the kind voice here at Proctor Gas. Em plays a key role in the day-to-day work here at Proctor Gas and helps keep everything running smoothly at the office.

Brian Cannucci

Brian is the newest to the team and I couldn’t be more thrilled. He will start out driving for us but his talents will allow him to move into service quickly. Brian was the road commissioner for the town of Proctor. He decided he wanted to explore other options and when I got the text asking me if I was hiring it took me about 3 seconds to respond! Welcome to the family Brian so happy to have you be a part of Proctor Gas.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our team members, please give us a call at 802-459-3340! We look forward to serving you!


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