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Do you own a landscaping business? Have you been considering making the switch from gasoline to propane? There’s no better time! Proctor Gas is a certified EnviroGard dealer, and can convert your gas- or diesel-fueled mowers to propane quickly, safely, and affordably! If you haven’t considered making the switch, it’s time you did!

Benefits Of Switching To Propane

Fuel Cost Savings – When compared to gasoline or diesel, propane brings about $20-$30 in daily savings per 72 inch riding mower. That’s more money that can go back into the company and your hard-working employees!

Great Performance – Worried that a fuel switch will reduce performance? Don’t be! You can expect the same great performance, if not better performance, when you make the switch to propane fuel. Additionally, since propane doesn’t produce the contaminants and particles that other fuels produce, you can enjoy a cleaner, better engine even after years of use!

A Better Environment –Some studies say that propane produces up to 26% less greenhouse gases and up to 60% less carbon monoxide when compared to diesel and gasoline. Fewer emissions means cleaner air and a better, healthier environment for all.

Higher Productivity – When you make the switch to propane, you may notice a spike in productivity! Fueling on site saves time and results in fewer stops during the day. As a result, your team will be able to mow more lawns and make more of a profit. Who doesn’t like more money?

Virtually No Spillage/Waste – Unlike other fuels, with propane, which is a closed fuel system, you don’t have to worry about human errors or spills resulting in fuel loss and waste.

Propane Is Made Right Here In The U.S.A. – Switching to propane doesn’t just help you and your business, it also helps lessen our reliance on foreign fuels and keeps money here on U.S. soil.

We Can Convert Your Business To Propane!

If you’d like to know more about propane or have questions about converting your existing commercial mowers, please give us a call at 802-459-3340. We’re here to help!


As part of our complete propane services, we install and service propane equipment of all kinds, both residential and commercial.

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