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Compared to gasoline and diesel equipment, propane produces fewer emissions. This includes emissions of carbon monoxide, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Propane equipment also emits less nitrous oxide (NOX) than equipment fueled by electricity, gasoline, and diesel. This emission can contribute to acid rain and respiratory ailments. For contractors working on sites requiring reduced emissions or near sensitive populations, such as nursing homes, hospitals, or schools, the availability of propane equipment can provide reassurance.

For sites that are not yet connected to utilities or are located beyond the electric grid propane also allows work to be completed without the downfalls of electric equipment. Crews working indoors don’t have to worry about trip hazards from electrical cords, and propane generators can provide power to Mobil offices or charge batteries. For other equipment propane also enables great confidence for performance in rainy or damp conditions, as well. One example of this is propane powered forklifts, which can be used in environments that are too humid for battery-powered forklifts. Propane powered job site heaters can also keep construction moving in unfinished indoor spaces during colder weather.

Propane cylinders used for construction equipment are able to be transported to job sites on trucks or trailers. Rental managers can establish a relationship with a local propane company to provide fuel solutions for short or long term rentals. Propane cylinder refueling or rentals can be offered on-site with equipment rentals or contractors could be referred directly to the propane supplier when more fuel is needed on a job site.

Unlike gasoline and diesel equipment, propane doesn’t deteriorate in storage, propane cylinders also aren’t stored on machines, whereas gasoline and diesel equipment require additional maintenance to empty fuel tanks during periods of decreased usage. This leads to faster uptime when equipment is restarted, as well.

Another advantage with propane is that customers can’t inadvertently add ethanol fuel blends to fuel tanks, potentially damaging small engine equipment. Propane cylinders hook directly into fuel systems versus requiring fuel to be poured from jerry cans or other containers, reducing spills on job sites or trailers.
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Montpelier Impacts (February 2019)

Even being run over by an electric bus is not good!!
With a new year brings new legislation and another fight to STOP THE TAXES!
As we settle in for a long winter’s night we head to the thermostat to make it a little cozier while we pop the popcorn and gather the family to watch a movie. But wait, that carbon tax passed and now it’s costing me almost a dollar more a gallon to heat my home!! It was bad enough that it’s costing me an additional $75 a week in gas to get back and forth to work, travel to the kids ball games and grocery shop (have you seen what’s happened to those prices!!) since the carbon tax passed but now I’m forced to keep the temperature down in my own home!!
Friends this is not a good tax for Vermont and no proof has been given to the validly of this tax changing anything but the bank accounts of the Solar companies and Green Mt power!!
Solar Panels


Remember in school when we were taught for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? The impact this tax will make on our state outside of the Burlington area will be far more damaging then you can imagine and no proof has been given to a positive impact. It can’t ALWAYS just be about the state on the lake – the rest of Vermonters lives matter too!!!
Sun Common has around 100 employees and has more representation in the Vermont House than any single district!!
You can believe whole-heartily in climate change and mankind’s role in it but there is no science to believe this TAX is a solution. It’s simply a great opportunity that big solar saw and jumped on and we are all following the pied piper.
Don’t believe me… don’t believe them …DO YOUR HOMEWORK !!! But do it soon because we are losing our voice and running out of time!!
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