Don’t Go Another Winter Without The Warmth & Charm Of A Stove

Vermont winters can be brutal, especially if you don’t have the right heating appliances. Did you find yourself shivering and daydreaming about gatherings around a warm, flame-filled stove last winter? You don’t have to go another year without! Here at Proctor Gas, we carry the best gas stoves on the market! With our selection, you’re bound to find just what you’ve been missing!

Why Opt For A Gas Stove?

Regency C34 Gas Stove

Regency C34 Gas Stove

If you’re longing for the classic appeal of a stove but could do without the cleanup and fire starting and stoking work, we’ve got a great solution for you. Modern gas stoves are available in both contemporary and traditional styles, and are carefully crafted to offer incredible heat and ambiance.

Thanks to the realistic-looking log sets and advanced flame technology of today’s gas stoves, most people are easily fooled into thinking they’re in the presence of a real wood stove. Of course, you’ll know you’re just enjoying one of the best, most efficient, and cleanest burning gas stoves on the market. Start shopping now!


Let Our Experts Help You Every Step Of The Way

Whatever your reason for considering stoves, be it their ability to add supplemental heat to just about any room, their charm, or how little space they take up, the team at Proctor Gas can help you every step of the way. From selecting the right stove to installation, cleaning, and service, we have the skills and expertise to keep you warm and cozy all year long. If you’d like to discuss stove options or would like assistance with selecting the perfect stove for you and your home, please give us a call at 802-459-3340! We’re here to help!


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